Are you positioned for the A.I. revolution?

We partner with our corporate clients to solve their business, experience and technology problems by creating digital solutions which extend business models and products onto new platforms

Artisan for Companies

We use our expertise in designing and integrating complex systems to enable our clients to focus on what they do best, innovate. 

We understand the value of Business Intelligence and the power of new platforms in bringing your offering to your customers. 

Artisan is a reliable long-term strategic partner able to advise, design, integrate and execute your technology goals.




Fortune 100 Companies

We build systems which are designed to be:



We can tell you how much of your vision can be executed in MVP, build over time or enhanced with knowledge of best practice and effective user experience.


We help you design the most powerfull experiences wchich more fully realize your vision.


We assemble together the tools, frameworks, protocols and technologies designed to implement secure systems.


We design an architecture which can carry a system from launch to large adaptation volumes without excess cost of redesign. 


Our systems are build from the ground with Kaizen Quality Improvment theory to result the high-availability low-defect outcomes.

Our approach is above all else collaborative

What We Do

Our expertise is balanced between Technology Execution and Business Management Strategy, allowing us to more uniquely understand the strategy and product needs of our corporate clients. Here are some of the services we provide on a project or long-term basis to our corporate clients:



Measure & Analyse

  • Api Integration
  • Social Networks
  • eCommerce
  • Payment Systems
  • ERP Integration
  • loT
  • Model Training
  • Workflow AI Tools
  • Proprietary Models
  • API Development
  • AI Data Analysis
  • Automation
  • CRM Integration
  • Private API
  • Mule Soft
  • Temboo
  • Blockchain
  • CEO Dashboards
  • Machine/Deep Learning
  • Smart Contracts
  • External QA


Back End

  • Java Script
  • IOS / Android Native
  • Multi- Platform Framework
  • VR/AR/XR
  • 3D / Unity
  • DataViz
  • D3
  • React Stack
  • Flutter & Natives
  • Java
  • Sitecore
  • Solidity
  • WordPress
  • Python
  • Websockets
  • elasticsearch
  • Real Time Systems

We treasure collaboration and like working with you, not for you

How we work

We aim to understand your foremost objectives and act as an extension of your product execution, striving to be a thoughtful, amiable, skilled and value-adding partner whether we are helping you ideate or produce large-scale projects under material time pressure.

We remain fiercely independent and approach every client assignment with the enthusiasm and drive to create something beautiful, unique and effective.





Our Work


Citi Anywhere

We helped Citi develop a user-friendly platform for its Citi Anywhere recruiting initiative providing a new, more appealing experience to potential applicants.

Ideation, U/X, Development, Maintenance



The AllergyCast Zyrtec App uses Zyrtec’s proprietary Allergy Impact number to measure and forecast pollen count throughout the United States

Development, U/X, iPhone, Tablet, Android, Web Services, Analytics


Tobi Podhaler

We built for CDM New York partnered a groundbreaking and fun App for Novartis’ TOBI Podhaler aimed at increasing the adoption and usage rates of one of the Company’s key drugs.

Concepting, Design, UX, Development, Gamification, Maintenance.


Tablet Banking App

Artisan was hired to conceptualize designs for an entirely new online tablet banking platform that would take advantage of the rapidly adopted tablet form factor.

Concept, U/X, Design


Corporate Identity Website

EXOS, a high-end fitness training company for elite athletes and US armed forces, approached Artisan to be its digital production partner to upgrade their website.

Mobile, Web, UX, Development, CMS

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