Our Approach to building Dashboards ​

Our solutions collect, digest, and analyze distributed data to become your actionable business intelligence.

Business leaders generally inherit a complex web of data systems for financial, operating, sales and CRM information which require time and effort to consolidate

A by-product of using best-in-class or even legacy systems – such as CRM or PoS systems –  in any individual function is difficulty in seeing the overall picture and digging into performance areas.

Without an ongoing simple process for collating, analyzing and visualizing key but dispersed performance metrics, leaders can suffer from lagging or incomplete insight enhancing risk.

Dashboards can also unify, train and empower teams to work together toward clear common goals in executing strategy. Nonetheless, the last ten years have seen immense progress in the technical process of collecting and using multiple system information.

Building a business intelligence process, aided by data analysis and the continued development of visualization tools and data connectors, can help you make more informed decisions.

We are experienced in work with companies in determining a customized solution to building impactful business intelligence systems

We bring extensive strategic consulting background to every client engagement and analysis of their strategic and technical needs.

An agile, properly built, secure and insightful Business Intelligence activity stream can be one of the most impactful yet underused tools available to the decision maker.

We can help.

Building a Dashboarding System

We engage with you collaboratively to build custom Dashboards adapted to your Industry and your Strategy

Our process is designed to be adaptive to your specific needs while leveraging proven effective technology stacks and modules.


  • Identify where is the data
  • Do your operational units produce the data you need.
  • Building APIs if needed
  • Understand your industry
  • Understand your strategy


  • Interactive solution design
  • Create MVP
  • When you need it?
  • Who should see it?
  • Business rules for notifications
  • Data conduit architecture


  • Deploy technologies
  • User management tools
  • Feedback and Iterative development


  • Assess changes needed
  • Features updates
  • Move along BI timeline 
  • wider corporate leadership applications

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