Our Clients and their Projects

Showcasing some Projects


Corporate Identity Website

EXOS, a high-end fitness training company for elite athletes and US armed forces, approached Artisan to be its digital production partner to upgrade their website.

Wireframing, Design, U/X, Development,Xcode, Apple SDK, Sync Service,Google Maps API, Google Address API

Lockheed Martin

Generation Beyond

The Lockheed Martin Generation Beyond Sticker iPad App’s main purpose was to increase awareness for the Lockheed Martin’s “Mission to Mars” Youth program.

Design, U/X, Development,Xcode, Apple SDK, On-Demand Printing


Itinerary App

Roadshow is a comprehensive itinerary management system for the capital introduction and roadshow management business at financial services firms.  It helps coordinate C-level executives manage investor, press and publicity meetings in an intuitive way updated in real-time..

Design, U/X, Development,Xcode, Apple SDK, On-Demand Printing

Mighty Mack

TwoChat Messenger App

Artisan partnered with Mighty Mack to develop a new and innovative messaging App that would provide its users an extra level of security with features unique only to this App.

Design, U/X, Apple SDK, Xcode, LAMP, Sync Services, Messaging



The AllergyCast Zyrtec App uses Zyrtec’s proprietary Allergy Impact number to measure and forecast pollen count throughout the United States.
Development, U/X, iPhone, Tablet, Android, Web Services, Analytics



Holidazzler App promotes T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The App uses the camera phone to capture and record your face, layer Holiday art over the captured image, and share the rendered video with friends.

U/X, Android, Development, Analytics


AhhGiver App

Awkward moments, hilarious moments, best moments, Ahh Moments… they’re all here. Coca-Cola’s AhhGiver lets a Facebook user transform a static photo into a fun and lasting experience.
UX, Design, Advanced JS


Built from Ebay

Venables Bell & Partners hired us to execute a complex multi-platform digital campaign following a contest pitting four garages building custom versions of four iconic cars using only parts from eBay.
Design, UX, 3D, Advanced Front End


Tobi Podhaler App

We built for CDM New York partnered a groundbreaking and fun App for Novartis’ TOBI Podhaler aimed at increasing the adoption and usage rates of one of the Company’s key drugs.
Design, UX, Development, Gamification


Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam

Howard and the Amazing Eye Exam is an eBook which prepares kids for their first eye exam, and alleviates any fears that kids may have by making the eye exam a fun experience.
Enhanced eBook, iBooks, Adobe InDesign. Adobe After Effects



The On-Demand iPad App helps USPS showcase the power of digitally-enhanced Direct Marketing by creating on-the-spot a personalized postcards.
Production Design, U/X, Development, On-Demand Printing

TGA, Inc

Nodebook Education Platform

Nodebook’s mission is to teach children collaboration, encourage out of the box thinking and to teach how to ask the right questions using online project-based-learning.
Strategy, Design, UX, Production

General electric


Say hello to Ecomagination, a GE initiative to bring together businesses and non-profits, to work on eco-friendly solutions.
Strategy, Ideation, U/X


Going Strong

We helped MWW create a comprehensive web and mobile experience to power the Stronger than the Storm and New Jersey Going Strong multi-media campaign.
Design, UX, CMS, Development


ElasticSuite Offline iPad App

PlumRiver / Elastic partnered with Artisan to design an offline iPad application which would create a streamlined experience for their sales team.
UI, Design, iPad

Bella Luce LLC


BELLA offers an on-demand high-end beauty service to discerning clients either at home or in leading partner salons, fulfilling the universal desire for beauty at the touch of a button.
Design, U/X, Development, CMS


Citi Anywhere

We helped Citi develop a user-friendly platform for its Citi Anywhere recruiting initiative providing a new, more appealing experience to potential applicants.
U/X, Development


Grouchy Carols

The Grouchy Carols digital campaign lets users send the “gift of a smile” by selecting one of six video clips, adding a customized message, and sharing.
UI, Responsive Design, Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, UX, Development, Analytics


School of Smart

We crafted a Facebook App for Weber Shandwick which based on the analysis of users’ OpenGraph demographic data provided customized purchasing advice and personalized video to RadioShack’s 1.7 million Facebook followers.
OpenGraph, Algorithm, Compositing, Advanced JS


Spoonful of Stories

What makes kids’ learning easier? A fun, visual storytelling technique that is both engaging and memorable, making the challenge of teaching children a bit easier and a lot more effective.

Ideation, Design, U/X


Interactive Prototype

Artisan ideated and concepted creative directions for Target’s multi-channel online retail desktop and mobile experience.

Concept, Design, U/X


Mobile App Design

What is digital addiction? It’s knowing no limits for far reaching ideation. Artisan developed creative, high-end concept designs for Samsung’s mobile app products to make them more appealing to new phone buyers.

Concept, Design, U/X

United States Census

Counting perfection

We proudly ideated and designed powerful online visualisation and analysis interactive tools for the US Census, providing valuable, insightful and visually striking insight.

Concept, Design, U/X

Old Spice Swagger


Artisan developed an application that literally sought to empower men’s swagger by optimizing a masculine online experience.


Design, U/X, Development


Tablet Banking App

Artisan was hired to conceptualize designs for an entirely new online tablet banking platform that would take advantage of the rapidly adopted tablet form factor.

Concept, Design, U/X

Mighty Mack

Agora Briefcase

Artisan partnered with Mighty Mack to develop and publish a secure client-server file distribution system that would enable users to seamlessly send files to remote tablet users without fear of unauthorized usage or sharing.

Design, U/X, Development



Our passion for music drove us to develop a simple but powerful Radio App which plays news, talk and music from over a hundred countries with over thirty music genres to choose from.

Ideation, U/X, Design, Development

Mighty Mack

Morpheus Dreams

One of Artisan’s team most cherished projects, Morpheus Dreams is the most comprehensive dream journaling and interpretation on the App Store.


Design, U/X, Development

Mighty Mack


We built a fun App which lets taxi riders verify their route, see if they are taken for a ride and rate their drivers.


U/X, Mapping, Gamification, Development


A. Arden's DogFun

DogFun was one of our pet projects, literally. Packed with quizzes, doggie lessons, Geo-location mapping, and gaming, this App is a must have for all you pooch lovers out there.


U/X, Gamification, Design, Mapping, Development


News Engine Apps

Who has time to find the right people to follow on Twitter for each of their hobbies? We do! For you. Algo is a series of continuously-curated Apps which bring you the best content from Twitter real-time.

Design, U/X, Algorithmic Parsing, Development


Artist Portfolio Apps

We created a core App which showcases Artists’ portfolios in a beautiful, unobtrusive and intuitive manner, letting the work leap off the screen.


Design, U/X, Development

Espiritu del Mar

Showcase Website

Artisan built a digital strategy and created a dramatic and absorbing site for the most luxurious real estate development in Mexico.


Design, U/X, Development

General Motors/Buick

Moment of Truth

The Buick Moment of Truth campaign compiled customer feedback from social media channels to showcase Buick’s new lineup.
Design, U/X, Development

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